Painless Root Canals:

In the past root canals were considered a painful procedure that patients dreaded. With modern innovations in dental technology root canals Dallas dentists provide are very close to painless.

When is a root canal needed?

With proper preventative measures like consistent check ups, reduced sugar consumption, proper brushing and flossing, root canals can often be avoided.

However, when tooth decay hits a tipping point where it penetrates the surface of the tooth, the infection move deep inside the tooth. This can happen from a cracked tooth or cavity being ignored for to long. If a patients lets this infection continue and spread he or she puts the entire tooth and possibly even the jaw bone at risk. The result is tooth infection in the pulp of the tooth and abscessed areas with pockets of pus. This abscess and puss will result in intense pain and swelling and needs to be treated immediately.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or if you have not been to the dentist in a long period of time we highly recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our Dallas root canal specialists immediately. We will x ray the abscess and jaw bone around the affected area.

What is the root canal process like?

Step 1:
If we determine you are in fact a candidate for a necessary root canal we will begin the procedure by anesthetizing the area completely numbing the area. Once the anesthesia is applied by one of our Dallas root canal specialists, you will literally feel nothing during the root canal process.

Step 2:
Your Dallas root canal specialist will then open the infected abscess and clean away all the infection with a cleaning fluid. In most cases this is followed with your Dallas root canal specialist perscribing an antibiotic to kill any remaining infection remaining in the tooth.

Step 3:
You will then schedule a second followup once the infection is and swelling have been reduced. Then your root canal specialist will remove the pulp and any nerves in the tooth. At this point all of the tooth decay and infection has been removed and your Dallas root canal specialist is ready to seal the tooth.

Once this process is complete you will not notice any difference in the feeling of the tooth that had the root canal and any of your other teeth.

You will be surprised at just how painless and effective this procedure has become. The old days of root canals being a long and painful procedure are no more.

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