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Did you know that you no longer need unsightly and painful medal wires in your mouth to straighten your teeth? In recent years dental and orthodontic technology took a major leep forward with the development of clear trays called Invisalign. Invisalign straightens your teeth with the same degree of accuracy as traditional metal wire braces, but with a series of clear removable trays.

The way Invisalign works is via their patented state of the art computer imaging technology that maps out exactly what clear trays you will need from start to finish. You will change trays every 2 weeks and only take the trays out to eat and to brush your teeth. The trays move your teeth slowly over time into perfect position so you can enjoy a beautiful Hollywood smile without anyone knowing you are wearing aligners. Most patients wear their Invisalign trays anywhere from 9 moths to 14 months.

Dallas Premiere Dental Clinic – Your Invisalign Dallas Specialist

Do not assume all Dallas dentists or Dallas cosmetic dentists are created equal. Not just any Dallas dentist can offer their patients the Invisalign treatment. We pride ourself on paying meticulous attention to detail when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. When you make the choice to get braces or Invisalign it is because you also have an eye for detail and appreciate the beauty of a perfect smile. With that in mind we aim to make your smile straighter than you ever thought imaginable.

Can Invisalign Help You?

After helping countless patients develop a beautiful and perfectly straight smile, we have seen over and over again a set of common dental issues in our patients.

Invisalign is ideal for treating the following:

Straightened teeth with Invisalign.

  • Crooked teeth due to crowding.
  • Teeth with large or small gaps or spaces.
  • Jaws with an underbite. This is where the lower jaw and teeth extend past the upper teeth.
  • Overbites. This is when the upper teeth stick out much farther than the lower teeth.

Why do our Dallas Invisalign patients choose Invisalign over traditional braces?

  • With normal braces you must be extremely carful with what you eat. It is very easy to break the brackets by eating something hard or sticky.
  • Normal braces are very hard to keep clean. Food is constantly getting stuck in between them and therefore extended time each day must be given to care for and clean them. With Invisalign you simply take out the corrective trays when eating or drinking and place them back in when finished.
  • No more metal mouth. Children and adults alike do not enjoy a mouth full of metal braces. It can be embarrassing as a child and make you feel unprofessional as an adult. With our Dallas Invisalign trays no one will even know you are wearing anything to correct your smile, as the trays are clear.

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