Porcelain Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

Dental crowns are one of the best ways to restore a damaged tooth. Sometimes a tooth has had to much dental work, the decay is to far along, or a normal filling simply won’t work. In these cases a dental crown can be a great option. They also are the final piece that covers a dental implant. With today’s technology crowns have become a very common procedure and we now have such advanced technology we can custom create crowns that look and feel exactly like your real teeth. Thanks to the state of the art technology featured in our Dallas dentist office, we can often create a custom dental crown for our patients in as little as one visit.

When is a Dental Crown right for a patient?

Our Dallas dental patients are usually in need of a dental crown for one of the following reasons:

  • When we are attaching a dental bridge.
  • When tooth decay is so vast a large filling leaves very little tooth.
  • Restoration of a tooth or teeth that have fracture or crack damage.
  • Restoration of a tooth after certain root canal procedures.
  • The final piece that covers a dental implant once it heals.

How the Dental Crown Procedure Works:

After a consultation with one of our Dallas dentist crown specialists who has determined a dental crown is the best procedure, we will then take an impression of your mouth. This allows us to customize a crown that will be an exact and comfortable fit. We will then use imaging software to create your crown. The crown is then cut to a custom fit, followed by a color matching of the crown to the exact color of the surrounding teeth.

The next step is for the dental crown to be attached to the remaining tooth. This is done with an extremely strong and durable bonding cement. With proper care and normal conditions, your dental crown can last more than 10 years.

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