When are custom Dallas Porcelain Veneers the right choice?

If you have teeth problems, your best solution may be a set of Dallas porcelain veneers. What makes veneers so great is the fact that you instantly get perfectly straight teeth and they will be beautifully bright. If you did a google search for “porcelain Crowns Dallas” please realize these are the same thing as veneers, it’s simply a different name.

Dallas porcelain veneers are top quality. They create a strong shell of beautiful porcelain around your teeth. They work by being bonded to the most front portion of your teeth. This is a God send for many patients as veneers can easily cover even the most frustrating imperfections. The porcelain crowns Dallas has to offer feel and look just like your real teeth. Another great feature of our porcelain veneers line, is the fact that they have an almost glass like surface. This means they ave very resilient to stain and will stay bright white for the life of the veneers.

If you have suffered the embarrassment of having chipped teeth, short teeth, a discolored tooth, cracked teeth, eroded teeth, etc.. than a set of porcelain veneers may be just what you have been looking for. Even though a set of our best porcelain crowns Dallas has to offer may seem expensive, patients often find it to be the cheaper option than trying to correct all the maladies in their current smile. Besides that, veneers can be placed on a patient in no time. They come in with a bad smile they are unhappy with and walk out with a Hollywood smile they always dreamed of.

Multiple Teeth Problems? Porcelain Veneers and Crowns may be the answer.

This is especially true for patients who have problems with multiple teeth. For example someone with crooked teeth could spend years wearing painful braces or invisalign to correct that issue. This process is obviously time consuming and not to mention painful. Worst of all is the time spent feeling social awkward while you sport a mouth full of metal. In, not all, but many cases we advice patients of this nature to highly consider a set of our custom veneers.

There are quite a few cosmetic dentists who tout that they offer Dallas porcelain veneers. Make sure you do your homework and really find a dentist in Dallas you trust. Go search the term “Dallas porcelain veneers” and see what cosmetic dentists pop up. When you search the term Dallas porcelain veneers, you are likely to get pages of cosmetic dentists. Take your time to find a porcelain veneers specialist who you feel comfortable with and has a great track record.

Proper Maintenance for your custom Dallas porcelain veneers

If you choose to go with a set of our custom Dallas porcelain veneers, please make sure you do proper maintenance:

*Avoid exposing your Dallas porcelain veneers to extreme temperatures as your teeth are likely sensitive for the first few months after application.
*You will also want to consult your physician about what to eat and not eat. Biting into hard foods can affect your porcelain veneers and even make them crack or twist out of position.
*Make sure you floss and brush your porcelain crowns just like you would normal teeth. They can still harbor bacteria and retain food particles.

We hope these tips help. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry and offer the top Dallas porcelain veneers in the Dallas Texas area.

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