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A bright beautiful smile can drastically improve your social and business life and restore confidence. There is no reason to feel insecure about a discolored smile when such a simple and cheap teeth whitening procedure exists. In under 1 hour our teeth whitening treatment can take off years of dulling, stains, and discoloration.

If you are looking for the highest quality in teeth whitening Dallas has to offer, you’re in luck. With many medical and technological advances in recent years, there are multiple methods for giving you back your beautiful, white smile. Our staff at Premiere Dallas Dental are some of the greatest practitioners in teeth whitening Dallas patients have come to both trust and rely upon.

Teeth whitening procedure on a Dallas dental patient.

Professional teeth whitening is a term that describes procedures that are carried out by cosmetic dentists. Having the teeth whitening carried out by a professional ensures that the procedure is performed both effectively and correctly. The end result for you will be the best teeth whitening Dallas residents can get.

Choosing between teeth whitening options.

If you’re just looking for simple professional whitening, our Dallas dentists can offer you bleaching treatments. These treatments are available to be performed both at home or by a one of our dentists. By using one of our best specialist in teeth whitening, you ensure that the process is performed both correctly and safely. Additionally, the bleaching agents that are used at dentists offices are more potent than the those that are given over the counter. Another advantage in seeking out one of our leading dentists in Dallas teeth whitening is that the treatment can be completed in one sitting and produces immediate results.

Laser teeth whitening treatment

Another great option that our leading teeth whitening Dallas dentists offer is laser treatment. Out of all of the methods available today, the laser technology appears to be one of the most popular. This is almost definitely because laser treatments create results that are both assured and immediate.

The way that laser teeth-whitening works is pretty interesting. The process starts with your Dallas dentist cleaning each teeth individually to remove any plaque. After all the plaque is removed, the dentist then applies a special teeth whitening gel. Once the gel is applied, the laser teeth whitener comes into the picture. The way this works is the laser activates crystals that are contained inside of the gel. The crystals absorb the energy from the laser and then penetrate the enamel in the patient’s teeth, creating a more enhanced lightening effect. The amount of times this process has to be performed depends greatly on how stained the patient’s teeth are.

This type of laser treatment is idea for patients who would prefer to see more immediate results. People with a fear of dental drills may also want to consider this teeth whitening method. Another advantage to this method is that there are no side effects. The best part, however, is that once you’re finished with the process, your teeth will likely remain white for up to three years.

What causes tooth discoloration?

There are many causes for discoloration from: tobacco, dark colored drinks such as soda, red whine, tea, etc. Whatever the cause, no amount of brushing, flossing, or mouth wash can restore the color back to it’s original bright white color. Here at the Premiere Dallas Dental Clinic we use the latest teeth whitening technology available to ensure a safe and bright smile in no time.

Teeth Whitening is now one of our most common procedures at our Dallas dentist office. Let one of our professionally trained Dallas teeth whitening specialists lighten your teeth by several shades so you can have a bright white smile.

Here at the Premiere Dallas Dental office we offer both take home and in office teeth whitening treatments that can drastically improve the appearance of discolored teeth. You can expect to see a massive color change after your teeth whitening treatment, which should take around 1 hour.

How long can you expect your Dallas teeth whitening treatment to last?

This depends on your lifestyle so as a general rule, results will vary. However, we tell all our patients that after one of our Dallas teeth whitening treatments they can expect it to last for years. Some treatments last for as long as 10 years and stay shades whiter than the original treatment the entire time.

Can you get a teeth whitening treatment if you have fillings or restorations?

Many people who come in to our Dallas dental office looking for teeth whitening have previous dental work in the form of implants, fillings, crowns, or bridges. If that is the case, your original restorations were made to match the color of your teeth at the time of the restoration. The problem with restorations is they are not effected positively or negatively by bleaching. This means that your teeth will become brighter after a teeth whitening treatment, but any previous dental work will remain the old color.

For that reason, if you have previous dental work it is important that you remind your Dallas dentist about this before the procedure and make sure you are financially prepared to have those old restorations replaced so they match the new color of your teeth.

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